"Safe communities, transformed by hope,

strengthened by stability, for a sustainable future."

  • យើងនាំការផ្លាស់ប្តូរ!

    Together we can make change!

  • ការថែទាំកុមារនៅក្នុងក្រុមគ្រួសារជាជំរើសប្រសើរបំផុត

    Family base care is the best option for children

  • មានគ្រួសារ មានសហគមន៍ កុមារនិងយុវជនមានសុវត្ថិភាព

    Family, community, children and youth are safe

  • មិនមានអ្វីស្រស់ស្អាតជាងការរស់នៅជួបជុំគ្រួសារនោះទេ

    There is nothing more beautiful than a family

Welcome, Supporters of M’lup Russey!

M’lup Russey is a Christian, non-governmental local organization in Cambodia. M’lup Russey understands that all children and youth grow up and develop in all areas of life- physically, mentally, emotionally and experimentally- when they receive individualized care as part of a family they call their own. Communities have an important role to play in encouraging, supporting and guiding individual families so that they know how to care for all their members, especially children. M’lup Russey strongly believes in partnering with the government, NGOs and communities. We believe that the good support, work and cooperation by government institutions, including line ministries, and the technical help and support from various non-governmental organizations (such as M’lup Russey) helps the communities more feasibly attain results towards fulfilling their own responsibilities. Read more!

Latest News

Emergency Foster Care Visit – June 2019

This article comes from Gillian, MRO’s Battambang Team Advisor, as she shares her first hand experience working with the Social Work Team and Emergency Foster Care Visits. Arriving at work on a Monday you never quite know what the week will look like. This week, it starts with a question …

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Reintegration Forms – Real Practice June 2019

This article comes from Gillian, MRO’s Battambang Team Advisor, as she shares her first hand experience working with Reintegration forms and Care Leavers. Today I am going to attend a ‘real practice for reintegration’.  It is called a ‘real’ practice as it involves a real case, with real people, in …

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Out of the Spreadsheets into the Reality

The challenge with being a ‘back room’ girl is that it is easy to lose sight of the reason you are manipulating numbers, reading and editing a variety of documents, scratching your head over systems and processes, etc. etc. and whilst you know that you are working for a great …

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2018 Impact Videos

In 2018, M’lup Russey Organization partnered with a local video producer to create a series of impact videos highlighting the work M’lup Russey Organization did in 2018.  We were able to get these short films edited and published them on YouTube and Facebook. We are super excited about the work …

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