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A Note of Thanks from our Executive Director to our Board Chair

Being on the Board of a nonprofit is not an easy task.  It is even more challenging being a Board Chair in this volunteer capacity.  However, Lokrou, has done a wonderful job of leading the Board with dedication and tenacity.  You have proven to be both wise and faithful to the calling of God.

The 19 months under your Board Chair leadership were a trying time, M’lup Russey Organization faced many challenges, but you distinguished yourself as a thoughtful and just steward at M’lup Russey Organization.  You never flinched in the face of difficult decisions, including changes to M’lup Russey Organizations’ Leadership and Management teams. You made yourself available to give advice and always backed us up.

We will never forget all that you did for M’lup Russey Organization.  It will be remembered throughout the history of M’lup Russey Organization towards the growth of organizational development focused on the life-changing work for the orphans and vulnerable children we serve.

Thank you, Board Chair, Mr. Chailee Ou.  May God continue to bless you.

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