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Orphan Care and Trafficking – November 9, 2018

On November 9, 2018, M’Lup Russey presented on “Orphan Care and Trafficking” in Bangkok, Thailand.
M’Lup Russey was proud to share their research on “Orphan Care and Trafficking’ with experts at the Integral Alliance Anti-Trafficking and Exploitation Collaboration worship in Bangkok, Thailand.  The presentation was part of an implementation and supporting partners group.  Experts from India, Nepal, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand were present.
This workshop was for experts to come and learn from one another in the area of anti-trafficking.  In addition, M’Lup Russey was able to see how the partnerships across the world were collaborating together to make an impact in the realm of anti-trafficking.
Thanks to Daden Rath for presenting on behalf of M’Lup Russey.

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